Phoenix Singles Summer Welcome Back Party Series

It is time for us to try and get back to a semi normal life.   With that said The Phoenix Singles are going to be making some changes to our events.  We have had many discussions this past year on ways to make the Best Meetup Group even better.  This past year has shown us that it is all about community.   For those members who have been in The Phoenix Singles for any amount of time think back over the past year and how would that year have gone if you didn’t have The Phoenix Singles Community?   Didn’t have any of the relationships you have made thru The Phoenix Singles?    Life would have been a WHOLE LOT WORSE for many of us me included.   So we are going to try some NEW and really Cool things you are just going to LOVE (and well if you don’t, we are still going to do it).   We are working on building a larger community of Singles because one of the things I personally noticed this past year is that NO ONE cared about Singles People.

WELL THE PHOENIX SINGLES CARE and we are going to try our best to ensure everyone feels Welcome (except the not so nice people) and have the opportunity to meet others.

So without more crap no one cares about here is the idea:

Usually The Phoenix Singles does a HUGE Saturday Night Dance Party at a local hotel ballroom where everyone has a great time and ends way too soon, but what if we could draw that great experience out over several events?   We are going to try something NEW & Different by adding several events leading up to the BIG PARTY.    Members have told us they really love going to events where they already know 1 or 2 others at the party so by doing some pre party events that will give members the chance to meet other members going to the party.  

The Phoenix Singles Summer Welcome Back Party

Aug 13 - VIP  Friday Night Meet & Greet @ Hilton Garden Inn
Aug 13 - VIP Cards Against Humanity @ Hilton Garden Inn
Aug 14 - Morning 2 mile Walk/Hike (Hotel Guests)
Aug 14 - Pool Party @ Hilton Garden Inn (Hotel Guests Only)
Aug 14 - VIP Cocktail Pre - Party
Aug 14 - Summer Welcome Back Dance Party @ Ballroom Hilton Garden Inn 

Aug 13 - Friday Night Meet & Greet @ Hilton Garden Inn - Friday the 13th (it is Friday the 13th who the hell knows what will happen) will be our Pre Party Meet & Greet Event.   In keeping with our theme of trying NEW things we are adding a Meet & Greet the night before the Big Party.   This will give members another chance to meet others going to the party.    This will be a low key event but then again with The Phoenix Singles you just never know and then add Friday the 13th and WATCH OUT.

August 13th - Cards Against Humanity Game After our 2 hour Meet & Greet we will play Cards Against Humanity Game.   There is NO better game for truly horrible people than CAH.    If you are sensitive or politically correct you DO NOT want to be around.   If you are open minded and want to laugh your ass off you are more than welcome.  This will be just another opportunity for members to meet others before the party. 

August 14 - Morning 2 Mile Walk/Hike (Hotel Guests Only) - On Saturday Morning (TBD)  we will meet in the lobby of the hotel and start a nice social walk/hike this will be another chance to meet other members going to the party.

August 14 - Pool Party @ Hilton Garden Inn (Hotel Guests ONLY) - Come hang out by the pool and meet other members.  We will have a LIVE DJ playing  some great music, games, and of course Drink Specials.

August 14 - VIP Cocktail Hour before Welcome Back Party, Bigger and Badder This is something NEW and EXCITING. A VIP Pre Party Cocktail Hour.   An hour before the party VIP’s are invited to a Private Cocktail Party in the ballroom.    This Cocktail hour will be a great way for you to meet other VIP’s before the place is PACKED.
ONLY VIP Ticket holders will be allowed. 

August 14 - Welcome Back PARTY We are going all out for this Welcome Back Party.   This HUGE Party will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom.   This party will have a VIP Section for the FIRST TIME ever which will include tables and chairs inside the Ballroom (only seating inside the ballroom will be VIP Seating).   Since it has been so long since our last Dance Party we are going to come back Bigger and Badder than before.   It is time for us to get the heck out of the house and enjoy LIFE again.   For this epic party we will have a HUGE Dance Floor, Special Surprise, The Number 1 Party DJ in Phoenix DJ L’Boogie, and best of all this party will have all your NEW friends.

Once again we are doing all this to try and build our Singles Community in Phoenix.   

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